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H03 / H03R / H03F New LED Headlamp coming soon

25 May 2016 11:52 #1




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H03 / H03R / H03F New LED Headlamp coming soon

We always focused on delivering the best headlamps we can. After H02/H02R/H02C headlamps, SKILHUNT keep developing better new headlamp models, and make a lot of tests and measurements…, now we are so excited new headlamps are ready to public to everyone!
H03 (TIR lens) / H03R (reflector)
Smaller, Smarter, Brighter
Main Features
-H03/H03R/H03F new headlamp is a compact, powerful and intelligent headlamp that produces 1200 LED lumen of white light.
-New intelligent temperature control technology for your stable and safe use.
-More smaller compact headlamp, length less than 100mm. ( H02 model is 107mm)
-Different brightness levels is programmable.
-New Location indicator.


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