FOURSEVENS Quark Pro QP2L-X (english version)

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FOURSEVENS Quark Pro QP2L-X (english version)

Brand and model
CREE XM-L U2 Cool White
Moonlight, Low, Medium, High, Turbo, Strobe, SOS, Beacon
Compatible batteries
2 x CR123A / 2x RCR123
Tailcap / Twisty head
$75 USD on the manufacturer's website
ForoLinterna's FOURSEVENS lottery winner.
I won this flashlight on the lottery organised by FOURSEVENS in our forum. I was incredibly luck for winning again :number1: , because I won a former lottery too. I think I won't win another lottery again, but I will try it... :buitre:

This is an EDC flashlights, small, comfortable and very powerful.

Imagen Imagen Imagen

Is packaged in a plastic box/blister containing:
- FOURSEVENS Quark Pro QP2L-X Flashlight
- Two FOURSEVENS CR123 batteries (3v y 1.500 mAh)
- Strap
- Holster (black color)
- Two spare O-rings
- Hand grip
- Instructions manual

We can find the main specifications directly in the box:



This is a restrained size flashlight, designed to be an EDC (Every Day Carry). It's completely black except for the white logo and model engravings.

Here we have some pictures to get an idea of it's size:

In comparison with my hand:

Imagen Imagen

In comparison with the well known Convoy S2 and with a 18650 protected battery:

Imagen Imagen

The body and bezel are built of type-III hard-anodized aircraft-grade aluminum. The lens is made of impact-resistant glass with sapphire and anti-reflective coating. In the center we have a black color clip that seems very sturdy and has the FOURSEVENS logo engraved. According to manufacturer's specifications this flashlight resists immersions up to 3 meters deep and 1 meter falls as well.

This flashlight can be disassembled in 3 parts; head, body and switch. The central part (body) it's reversible, giving the possibility to place the clip oriented to different sides, depending on our needs. The threads are well oiled and appear to be good quality. It has o-ring in both threads to ensure the sealing.


Looking at the head we can see a textured reflector (orange peel) with a perfectly centered LED. In one side we have the white engraved logo and in the other side we have the model name, also in white color. If we look inside we can observe that the positive pole is protected if we place the battery upside down. I couldn't disassemble the head, so I have no idea about what is inside.

Imagen Imagen Imagen

The central part is grooved for better grip, and as I said, it's reversible, so we can place the clip depending on our needs. Furthermore, the clip prevents the torch rolling and falling. I haven't been able to remove the clip, and I think it can't be removed.


The tailcap switch is made on black rubber with the FOURSEVENS logo. You can place the torch "tail stand" (or "candle mode") without any problem. There are two holes to let you put a strip like the one already included in the box. Looking inside we can see the spring that makes contact with the negative pole.

Imagen Imagen Imagen


Operating the flashlight is very simple. It has two group modes. Once selected the group mode, we can switch between them pressing lightly on the switch, or we can press the switch completely and then press it again to turn on the flashlight with the next mode of the same group.

With the head tightly screwed we have two modes:
- TURBO, 780 lumens for 1 minute, then downs to 390 lumens
- STROBE 780 lumens
This is curious, my flashlight doesn't down the lumens to 390 after 1 minute. It remains on 780 lumens, but I down them manually because I think due to the size of this flashlight is not designed to resist that power so much time.

With the head lightly unscrewed we have six more modes:
- MOONLIGHT, 0'5 lumens
- LOW, 5 lumens
- MEDIUM, 55 lumens
- HIGH, 300 lumens
- SOS, 780 lumens
- BEACON, 780 lumens

The TURBO mode offers an unbelievable light beam considering the size of this flashlight, however, the temperature rises up very fast in that mode. Although everybody likes to have a low of power, it's recommended to use the HIGH mode instead, which delivers enough power for almost any situation.

The MOONLIGHT mode is an ultra low mode, and even with so little power is enough to function at your home. With that mode the runtime expands greatly.

The BEACON mode blinks fast 5 times and then blinks once every 10 seconds.

In my opinion the other modes are well distributed, although I don't see very useful the STROBE and SOS modes but for professional usage.


According to the manufacturer specifications here we have the runtime for each mode:
Moonlight: 25 days
Low: 4 days
Medium: 14 hours
High: 3'2 hours
Turbo: 780 lumens, 1 minute, then 390 lumens, 1'9 hours
Strobe: 1 hour
SOS: 4 hours
Beacon: 12 hours

I'm using the two CR123 included in the box and are already working. I wanted to do more specific tests so I ordered two RCR123 as well as a Nitecore i2 charger, but due to shipping problems I haven't received them yet. Due to that problem I could't try if protected batteries fit on this flashlight.


I tried it a little outdoors and, although is more flooder than thrower, the throw distance is also considerable. According to the manufacturer the maximum throw distance is 160 meters. I think it reaches 50 or 70 meters of useful range. The central spot looks well defined and the dye is cold, as I like.

TURBO mode in a parking. The first picture has been taken at the same place on almost completely darkness. As we can see, this torch is very flooder and the light is amazing, because in this mode of 780 we have more than enough power to illuminate everything in front of us. The distance from the flashlight to the wall is 20 meters approx.


TURBO mode, 2'5 meters:

HIGH mode, 2'5 meters:

MEDIUM mode, 2'5 meters:

LOW mode, 2'5 meters:

MOONLIGHT mode, 1'5 meters:

TURBO mode, 1'5 meters:

In comparison with the Convoy S2 (left) both in TURBO mode, 1'5 meters:


The box includes a black holster ready to use in a belt, and also has a ring on the top that can be used to hang it on a hook or similar. It seems to be good quality, very soft inside and can be closed by a "hook and loop" system. It has the FOURSEVEN logo.
Imagen Imagen

It also includes a curious accessory made of rubber that fits in the hand and lets you hold the flashlight with your hand opened. This is called "hand grip". The rubber seems to have good quality and it has the FOURSEVENS logo.
Imagen Imagen Imagen
Imagen Imagen

A strip is also included. It can be attached close the the tailcap switch, in one of the two holes. It's gray color and has a small metal hook at the end. This strips is more than half a meter length.


Two spare O-rings included.

Two CR123 batteries included. 3V 1500 mAh.


Very good torch, perfect for EDC. It's small, robust and elegant, very versatile thanks to the well distributed modes. As I already said, the TURBO mode is awesome. When you perform a demo to someone it gets stoned due to power of this flashlight and it's small size. I also like a lot he MOONLIGHT mode and the runtime that is almost endless.

This flashlight has become an essential item to carry on my pocket.
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